Holosynthesis© is a psychospiritual approach to the realization of the Greater Self through the integration and harmonization of the different human dimensions.

The term "Holosynthesis" is derived from two ancient Greek words: holos, meaning "whole"; and sunthesis, meaning "reunion". Holosynthesis© is a psychospiritual approach aimed at dis-identifying with the processes of the small self (also known as the ego or the superficial self) and refocusing on the processes of the Greater Self (also known as the Higher Self, the Divine Self or the Self): these processes take place at the level of the supraconscious, the deepest part of the unconscious corresponding to the spiritual dimension of the human being.

In other words, Holosynthesis© aims to transform the small self with the help of the Greater Self, so that, ultimately, these various aspects of Being merge.

Developed over a period of several decades, this approach is based primarily on the neuroscientific research I've carried out in a scientific setting, as well as on my own transpersonal experiences. To date, I have been able to test the effectiveness of the concepts and techniques used in this approach on several hundred individuals in a number of countries.

The practical work (the experiential part, consisting of a series of practical exercises) carried out by the people accompanied, in individual meetings or group workshops, is carried out primarily in expanded states of consciousness. The expansion of the field of consciousness is induced by deep abdominal breathing and by musical patterns comprising sounds. These sounds trigger a brainwave entrainment response. This refers to the fact that brainwave frequency can synchronize, via a resonance effect, with the frequency of external stimuli such as sounds. To change brainwave frequency, we can use so-called "isochronic" sounds. These sounds are regular beats of a single tone. In other words, an isochronous sound is a tone that fades and reappears rapidly at regular intervals. This creates distinct, precisely defined pulses of sound that are similar to the beat of a drum. These isochronic tones can be used to speed up or slow down brainwave frequency. Changing the frequency of brainwaves automatically brings about a shift in the state of consciousness and a change in the sense of identity.

In this way, even if they are not experts in meditation and contemplation, those accompanied by a guide can gently move from a state of small self to a state of Greater Self. In this Greater Self state, it is possible, for example, to:

- Develop awareness of being "something other" than one's body, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, etc.

- Free yourself from problematic emotional patterns, limiting beliefs and negative judgments about yourself and others

- Anchor new, empowering beliefs within yourself.

- Receive information intuitively (e.g. related to health issues or life plan)

- Consciously and intentionally create new experiences

- Develop qualities typically associated with the spiritual realm (universal love, joy, peace, creativity, etc.).

The theoretical part of Holosynthesis© training is presented in the form of modules. These modules focus on the following themes:

- Basic notions of neuroscience and neuroplasticity

- Mental influence on physiological activity

- Cognitive functions and emotions

- Limiting vs. emancipating beliefs

- The non-local mind and expanded states of consciousness

- The inner healer

- Intuition

- The Holosynthesis© approach and the evolution of consciousness

- Universal love


Holosynthesis© training will soon be available both online and in person.