Welcome to my brand new website.
For those who don't know me, I am a doctor in neuroscience and an author, and I am particularly interested in the following issues :

  • The relationship between brain activity and the voluntary management of emotions
  • Spiritual experiences and expanded states of consciousness
  • The evolution of consciousness at the individual and collective levels

My research has received international media coverage. Over the past few decades, I have traveled the world to present the results of this work at conferences, symposiums and seminars.

Powerful spiritual experiences

I have often been asked by members of the general public and journalists why I do research on consciousness, transcendental experiences and the relationship between the mind and the brain. In this regard, I must admit that my work has been guided first and foremost by significant spiritual experiences that I have had at key moments in my life.

Author of several books and trainings and creator of soundtracks that positively modify brain activity

I am also the author of several books (academic works, popular science books, novels) and trainings. In addition, I am the creator of original soundtracks with isochronous sounds that promote relaxation, creativity, intuition, connection with one's deepest essence, etc.

A new vision to help science and the evolution of human consciousness

The results of my work and the research data of other scientists in various fields, have led me to propose, in collaboration with several colleagues, a post-materialist vision of the relationship between the mind - consciousness and the brain.

According to this expanded conception of reality :

  • Mental activity plays a central role in our health and well-being: we are not biological machines totally determined by our brain, our genes and our environment.
  • Moreover, our mental activity (e.g. our intentions and emotions) also has a non-local effect, i.e. beyond the limits of our physical body, and our consciousness continues to exist after the death of our body envelope.

I am convinced that this new post-materialist vision will help science to develop in an innovative way and will contribute significantly to the evolution of human consciousness on a collective level.

A new psychospiritual approach to support Self-realization

In connection with this post-materialist vision, I am also the designer of a new psychospiritual approach called Holosynthesis. It is a transpersonal approach that aims at Self-realization through the harmonization and integration of the different dimensions of the human being.

More precisely, the main objective of the Holosynthesis approach is to dis-identify with the processes of the small self (the ego, the mind or the surface self) and to refocus on the processes of the Great Self (Higher Self, Divine Self or Self). These processes take place at the level of the supraconscious, the deepest part of the unconscious that corresponds to the spiritual dimension of the human being.

Training in this approach will soon be available online.

Our approach


We are not biological machines, we are much more than that.


There are immense natural capacities and innate potential within us that allow us to achieve wellness and positively transform our lives. Our mental activity plays a major role in our health and well-being. It can be a major obstacle or, on the contrary, a precious tool to evolve and transform ourselves.

Our approach, well anchored in reality, proposes contents and teachings based on research in neuroscience and psychology conducted within a scientific framework. These focus on spiritual and transcendental experiences that promote the evolution of consciousness.

The effectiveness of the concepts and techniques used in our trainings or proposed in our various books has been tested on many people.